A&T Industries, 1602 16th st , Barron, WI 54812


Rights of Promotion
A & T Industries reserves the right to use any and all products produced for sale to customers in any advertising, direct mail, collateral materials, tradeshow booth or other marketing vehicle(s) and displays unless otherwise specified in writing by the customer at the time the order is placed. Products displayed in any advertising, marketing, display or promotion vehicle are shown as examples of the type and quality of the products produced. They are not presented for resale, nor are they to be construed as product or brand-name endorsements for the registered mark owners.

Trademarks, Registration Marks, and Copyrights
The customer shall defend, hold harmless and free of all liability, A&T Industries and its agents regarding trademark, registration mark, or copyright infringements and/or disputes. A&T Industries assumes the customer has permission prior to production to use all registered designs, marks, logos, graphics, and dother artwork submitted for the express purpose of reproduction of same into or onto any and all awards or promotion items. The customer agrees to assume any and all responsibility and liability resulting from trademark, registration mark, or copyright infringement actions or demands brought against A&T Industries and or its agents.